You Know you feel old when you can remember when you were five watching the first Fast and Furious movie with your dad and now 16 years later they are still making movies. I can remember that Paul Walker was my first celebrity crush. Still have the biggest crush on him and will always will. Just something about those Blue eyes of his.   I have seen every movie on opening weekend with my parents or my aunt. I have watched every movie probably about 30 times and I’m not kidding and they never get old. I can remember being on Facebook on November 30, 2013  and seeing where people were saying that Paul Walker had got killed, However I didn’t believe it because this was the time people were posting that other celebrity were found inside their homes or other places died when it wasn’t true so I thought it was another one of those post. However I turned on the news and I saw it and I started crying. Sorry I’m one of those fans. I still cant believe he got killed. I can remember that he got killed at the very end of the filming of Furious 7 and I didn’t know if they were going to show it or they would be done with the series. I remember going to the movies with my aunt opening day and the ending of the movie everyone in the movie theatre was crying. I can watch it today and still cry.  Its just one of those thing that you grow up watching someone it feels like you know them. I can remember also saying I would meet him one day and how wanted to ride in a vehicle with him. Fate of the Furious came out Easter weekend and my parent and I went and watched the movie. the movie was good however, this was the first Fast and Furious movie that Paul wasn’t in and it didn’t seem right. I will keep on watching the Series but the series will not be the same without Brain and Mia.



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